3 Reasons To Hire A Lawyer For The Closing Process Of Buying A House

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Did you find a house that you want to purchase and the last step is to go through the closing process? The best way to make sure that there are no negative surprises after you have gone through the closing process is to hire a real estate lawyer. Take a look at the article below to discover a few ways that a lawyer can assist with the closing process of buying a house.

1. Verifying Names

One of the things that you might not think to do during the closing process of buying a house is making sure that the owners name is correct. If there is a name mistake on the sales contract, it can lead to legal issues later on. For instance, you can end up in a court dispute due to purchasing the house from someone that was only pretending to be the owner. A lawyer will make sure that the name on the sales contract matches the name on the property deed so you will know that you are dealing with the rightful owner.

2. Checking On Liens

An important step in the closing process to protect you from negative surprises later on is to find out about liens on the property. Basically, a lien means that there is a loan against the property that has not been paid back by the owner yet. If you purchase a house that has a lien on it, you will then be responsible for paying it off if you don't want to lose your home. A lawyer will perform thorough research to make sure that there are no liens present, and will also request that the owner pays the loan off if a lien is found.

3. Making Changes to the Sales Contract

You must understand that you are not obligated to accept all of the terms that are written in a sales contract if they are not in your best interest. For instance, one of the terms might be that all of the kitchen appliances or cabinetry will be removed before you move in so the owner can use them. A lawyer will explain how such terms can be adjusted in your favor after consulting with the owner about your concerns. Get in touch with a real estate lawyer so he or she can assist with the closing process and help you buy the house with confidence that you are doing the right thing. Contact a business, such as Valentine & Valentine PC, for more information.