Things To Look For During Your Final Walkthrough In The House You Are Buying

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Getting the closing date for the house you are buying can be very exciting, but there are several things you may still need to do before you attend the real estate closing. One of these things is a final walkthrough, which gives you one last chance to look through the house to make sure everything is right. As you perform the final walkthrough, here are several things you should look for in the house you are about to purchase.

Look for things on your punch list

If you included a list of things that needed to be completed before buying the house, you will need to carefully examine the things on your list to see if the seller actually completed them. This list is often called a punch list, and it can include a lot of different things, such as filling in nail holes or repainting rooms.

If you had a list like this, you should not close on the house unless everything has been completed. While this may cause a delay in the closing, it's always better to make sure everything is completely done before you close. If you postpone the closing date for this reason, the seller may have a greater incentive to get the work done.

Look for changes

A second thing to do as you perform the final walkthrough is to look for any changes in the home. For example, if you notice a hole in the wall during the walkthrough that was not initially there, you could ask the seller to fix this. Take note of any negative changes or damage during your walkthrough and be sure to talk to the seller about any that bother you.

You should also take a good look at the appliances in the home if they are supposed to be included in the purchase. As you look at them, make sure they are the same appliances as the ones you saw when you initially made the offer on the house. If there is an appliance missing or a change in one of them, you should talk to the seller or your real estate attorney.

Check all plumbing and electrical

Finally, you may want to double check all the plumbing fixtures and electrical fixtures during your walkthrough. For plumbing fixtures, turn on each faucet to make sure each works and that the drains are working. For the electrical, turn on all light switches to make sure they are functioning properly.

Taking the time to complete a thorough walkthrough will help you purchase the house you thought you were getting. To protect yourself in more ways, you may want to hire a real estate attorney to help you through the home-buying process.

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